Forget about Christmas, Easter and Birthday’s…nothing is more daunting than Valentines Day. No matter how many times she says ‘let’s not make a big deal about it this year’, or he tells you that you don’t need to exchange presents this time round, we all know that everyone wants to be made to feel special on February 14th.


But how to go about it? The cinema and the fancy restaurant seem out-dated, and although an evening stroll sounds nice, it is far too cold to be leaving the house past 5pm these days.


Well, may you look no further, as here at Veg-in-a-Box we have the solution for you with our Valentines Day Box!


Not only do we provide you with a selection of delicious quiches to choose from for starters, Rump and Sirloin Steaks as well as succulent chicken to pick for your main courses (with all the veg and trimmings to go with them), and cupcakes, strawberries, brownies and lollies for pudding. But…you also get a heart-shaped balloon, chocolates, flowers, confetti, candles AND a Valentines Day card.


So, for only £70 you get the delicious food and candle-lit supper that you would expect from a fancy restaurant, but you get to enjoy it all in the comfort of your own home. All of our produce is Devon sourced, supporting local meat and dairy farmers in the Southwest area. And what’s more, we deliver it right to your doorstep. Our Valentines Day Box is packed with great, local food and a selection of romantic trinkets to make for a no-fuss, romantic, delicious and personal Valentines Day supper! So enjoy! And Happy Valentines Day!