As we near the final few months of the year it’s inevitable that we start thinking about Christmas. Supermarkets across Devon have already started displaying chocolate calendars and advertising their ‘perfect’ turkeys. This can be slightly unnerving, especially as it all starts before we have truly accepted the end of summer.

To make the process less stressful, we have decided to create a Christmas Pantry Set. Veg in a box have provided all the fruit and veg that you might need for a perfect Christmas dinner with our range of food boxes. Our Christmas fruit box, salad box and veg box each have a large range of delicious products within them, and are delivered right to your doorstep allowing for a stress-free shopping experience.

What’s more, all of our produce is sourced in Devon, with a main focus of ours being to support as many local farmers and producers as possible. This means that when you buy your Christmas fruit and veg boxes from us, you can be happy knowing that you are supporting local farming businesses around Devon as well as eating fresh and delicious produce!

Our fruit, veg, and salad boxes cost only £36 each and are packed with healthy and tasty produce. Our veg box also contains a large bag of mixed Christmas herbs to make your cooking experience even easier. With such a wide selection of produce in each box, they can cater for large family events and can even be kept and used in the few days post December 25th to make warming winter soups and vegetable stews. For a rich and plentiful Christmas pudding, our fruit box contains a mixture of fruits that would be perfect if you were to make one yourself. For those who would rather keep things easy, we sell three delicious Christmas puddings of our own; Lemon & Pimms, Orange & Cointreau and Cider & Apple. Our other individual Christmas products include a range of sweet and savory jams and chutneys, which again are all local to the Devon area. 

Our Veg-in-a-Box Christmas Pantry Set not only helps you to have a relaxing, enjoyable, and delicious Christmas experience, but it also supports the farming community in Devon by sourcing only local produce. We hope you enjoy!