Summer is over and Autumn is finally upon us. The leaves are turning, the nights are drawing in the tingle of colder weather is in the air. Here at Veg-InABox we love this time of year because it means that some of our favourite fruit and veg come into their prime.
To celebrate this we’ve created a brand new box for you - the Autumn Pick and Mix box! What we’ve done is lined up a load of our favourite Autumn fruit and veg and we’re letting you pick exactly what you want to include in your box, however with great power comes great responsibility, so we’ve highlighted a few here to try help you pick!
Braeburn Apples
The Braeburn Apple - named because of its original commercial growth in the Braeburn Orchard in New Zealand. An apple that is know for its streaky red and orange complexion and its sharp juicy flavour it is one of our favourites. Only available from late Autumn to early Spring it is the perfect candidate for your box.
English Plums
Fresh English plums are another fruit particular to this time of year. As you probably already know – absolutely nothing beats a fresh plum. Juicy and sweet, our Plums are perfect on their own as a healthy snack or they can be used to make fantastic jams, which you can then use in your cakes and puddings or just pop in your toast on a morning.
Butternut Squash
Another fine candidate for your box is the Butternut Squash. This vegetable is another late bloomer, thriving in the close seasons. A deep orange when ripe, this vine-grown veg has a sweet nutty taste and is perfect for stews and soups but could also be baked into a delicious pie. We think it is a very strong contender to be one of your choice veg.
We hope this has helped a a little, have fun making your selections and we’ll see you soon with your perfect Autumn box!