We have just teamed up with Martyn and Lorraine over at Ashclyst Farm to stock our boxes with the finest dairy products in Devon, just for you!

Martin and Lorraine are incredibly experienced dairy farmers, Martyn was already milking the cows at 12 years old! They started off with a small farm in Mid-devon and grew and grew to the position they are today, which is producing local, environmentally sound dairy products, which are going straight into your fridges via our fantastic dairy boxes.

Martyn and Lorraine have a few different breeds of cow, but mainly Meuse Rhine Issel, a breed which produces lovely creamy milk and beautiful healthy calves that then grow up to join their dairy herd!

The main reason we are delighted to announce that we are working with Martyn and Lorraine us that we can absolutely guarantee all the milk you’ll be drinking has been produced by very happy cows, that have lived a happy life grazing freely outdoors in the summer and cuddled up nice and cosy with a good portion of straw in the winter.

We are also proud to say that Ashclyst Farm are also officially accredited by the Organic Farmers and Growers group (OF&G) and have been fully organic since 2000.