You've probably noticed - the weather is suddenly glorious. Barbeque season is truly upon us (although unfortunately we can't guarantee it will last forever), so we've decided to put together 5 ways you can make your BBQ awesome.

Number 1 - Keep It Safe

Barbeques are great but being sick just isn't. Poorly cooked BBQ meat is responsible for a massive spike in food poisoning cases in the summer, so if you don't want your friends to be angry with you then use a thermometer to check that your meat is at the correct temperature.

Number 2 - Don't Play With Your Meat

If you keep prodding and poking your meat while it's on the barbeque it is going to suffer. Don't go moving it around too much or too quickly. Also after you've taken it off the barbie it will continue to cook, rising in temperature by roughly 5-10 degrees, so bear that in mind when it comes to cooking your steaks.

Number 3 Variety is the Spice of Life

Yes burgers and steaks are great on a barbeque - but there's so much more you could be cooking. Our barbecue boxes contain a huge variety of meats and if you want to be even more adventurous get cooking some veggies on the BBQ too.

Number 4 - Spice is the Spice of Life

Should you wish to buy your meat from us then we can marinade it in a variety of different delicious sauces, to save you the trouble. We've got seven delicious marinades to chose from, ranging from piri piri to sweet chilli. If you decide to marinate the meat yourself then make sure you start at least 24 hours before the BBQ so it can absorb all the delicious flavours.

Number 5 - It's All About the Quality

As appealing as those cheap burgers from the supermarket look, they'll never match quality meat for taste or texture. Use the best and you'll really be able to tell the difference. Take the pork, chilli and coriander sausages from our BBQ box - we think they're the nicest thing we've ever had barbequed.

If you're interested in seeing our barbeque boxes then check them our here - as well as delicious meats, we've got tempting BBQ bread and BBQ salads to compliment your afternoon in the sun.