Reason 1 - It's Convenient

Going through the fruit and vegetable aisles at your local supermarket can be a laborious affair, rifling through to make sure you've got the freshest items that are still left on the shelves and then carrying it all home.

And if you get a supermarket to deliver to you then there's no guarantee that the produce they bring will be as fresh as it could be.

So let us bring it to your door instead.

Reason 2 - It's Healthy

You're a lot more likely to eat fruit and veg if it's already in your house.

So we bring it directly into your house. So you're already closer to achieving your 5-a-day. Or even 7-a-day.

Reason 3 - It Keeps It Local

We pride ourselves on our produce being locally sourced. Getting your fruit, veg and meat through us directly supports local farmers, producers and businesses.

Reason 4 - It Keeps You Experimenting

There may be one or two items in your box that you've never thought of cooking before.

That's great!

We're passionate about our produce and about our customers getting to experience new and exciting things. We never include produce that we don't think you'll love and so we hope our boxes encourage our customers to try new things and discover new favourites.

Reason 5 - It's Good Value

Getting a box full of fruit and veg delivered to your door every week isn't as much as you might expect.

Our boxes start from only £18 and can last you the whole week - depending on the size of box you order and how many starving mouths you have to feed!

Reason 6 - It's Fun

Our customers tell us how they always look forward to receiving their weekly boxes and seeing what treats they have inside.

It's like Christmas. But the presents are veg.