Sugar Swaps is an initiative from the NHS and Change4Life aimed at getting people to reduce their daily sugar intake.

A lot of us don't realise that large amount of our food contain lots of sugar and that sugar is having an adverse affect on our lives and the lives of our children by encouraging unnecessary weight gain and causing diabetes and tooth decay. So the NHS us are encouraging us to swap foods high in sugar for those that aren't.

They specifically examine four areas of our diet where sugar intake is highest:


Many popular breakfast cereals contain large amounts of sugar. They suggest swapping these for plain porridge, wholewheat biscuits or shredded whole grains, which you can make more appealing with the addition of fresh fruit.


A 330ml can of cola contains the equivalent of seven cubes of sugar, so swap those sugary drinks and squashes for water, low fat milk or drinks that contain 'no added sugar'.

After School Snacks

The snacks that we tend give our children after school don't do them any good: muffins, cakes, chocolate bars, sweets and bowls of cereal are all flagged up by Change4Life as being terrible for their health. Instead they suggest giving them fruit, cut up vegetables such as carrot or cucumber sticks, toasted bagels with low-fat spreads or reduced fat humous, plain unsalted nuts or fruited teacakes.


Unsurprisingly a lot of desserts contain high levels of sugar. They recommend swapping chilled desserts, cakes and ice cream for fruit and sugar-free jelly. Even when it comes to yoghurts, you need to make sure you buy ones that are low fat and low sugar.

If you're interested in swapping out the sugar in your diet and the diet of your family then look at some of our Fruit and Veg Boxes, which will provide you with a variety of tasty, healthy alternatives.

You can read more about Sugar Swaps on the NHS website here.