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Veg-In-A-Box January Blog – Valentines Box

Posted on February 09, '16
Forget about Christmas, Easter and Birthday’s…nothing is more daunting than Valentines Day. No matter how many times she says ‘let’s not make a big deal about it this year’, or...... Read More

Veg-in-a-box – Christmas Pantry Blog

Posted on November 10, '15
As we near the final few months of the year it’s inevitable that we start thinking about Christmas. Supermarkets across Devon have already started displaying chocolate calendars and advertising their...... Read More

Your complete guide to Butternut Squash

Posted on November 05, '15
With a deliciously sweet nutty taste, the butternut squash is a versatile, healthy food, yet many people seem unaware of how to prepare and use it. As it’s in season,...... Read More

Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables for August

Posted on September 10, '15
Summer is over and Autumn is finally upon us. The leaves are turning, the nights are drawing in the tingle of colder weather is in the air. Here at Veg-InABox...... Read More

Spotlight: Ashclyst Farm Dairy

Posted on July 23, '15
We have just teamed up with Martyn and Lorraine over at Ashclyst Farm to stock our boxes with the finest dairy products in Devon, just for you! Martin and Lorraine...... Read More

5 Ways To Make Your BBQ Awesome

Posted on April 21, '15
You've probably noticed - the weather is suddenly glorious. Barbeque season is truly upon us (although unfortunately we can't guarantee it will last forever), so we've decided to put together...... Read More

6 Reasons You Should Get a Veg Box Delivered Every Week

Posted on March 24, '15
Reason 1 - It's Convenient Going through the fruit and vegetable aisles at your local supermarket can be a laborious affair, rifling through to make sure you've got the freshest...... Read More

Meat Free Week

Posted on March 24, '15
This week (23rd-29th March) is Meat Free Week, an initiative to encourage people to give up meat and fish for seven days in order to notice how much meat we...... Read More

Sugar Swaps

Posted on February 08, '15
Sugar Swaps is an initiative from the NHS and Change4Life aimed at getting people to reduce their daily sugar intake. A lot of us don't realise that large amount of...... Read More

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